Do I need to sign up online?

To guarantee your spot, it is best to sign up online through our website or our app.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothes, non-marking, soft-soled shoes, leggings and joggers are some of the best options.  

Comfortable clothes allow for free movement.  If you are on the bungee, leggings or joggers tend to work better.  Neoprene shorts are not a necessity but might be helpful worn over other clothing. Bare feet or  dance shoes work best. If you are taking yoga, please remember some poses have inversions.  You might feel more comfortable with tighter clothes that do not rise or a fitted undershirt. 

What do I need to bring?

Only water is allowed in the studio.  Other snacks or drinks are welcome in the check-in area.  For our younger children, please avoid powder-type foods like cheetos and doritos. 


A yoga mat and block is helpful for yoga classes, but we do have mats and blocks.  If you have boxing gloves, you can bring those.  If not, we have gloves as well.  For the BodyFit and sports conditioning classes, weightlifting gloves can offer protection with kettlebells and some floor exercises; however, gloves are not a necessity.  

Are the classes challenging?

Our classes are designed to meet various fitness levels.  We take great care in teaching form and technique while having fun.  

Please email us with any more questions.

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