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Kids' & Tweens'/Teens' Workshops

Youth Sound Journey Event

Yoga Class

Kids' Playful Yoga & Mindfulness Workshop

9 AM - 12 PM

Ages 5 & up


Oil Bottle

Tween/Teen Yoga & Mindfulness Workshop

1 PM - 4 PM


Kids' & Tweens'/Teens' Workshops
June, July & August in Burlington



Participants will learn and practice various Yoga poses and breathing techniques.  They will focus on mindfulness of breath and positive thinking. They will experience different sound instruments and their impact on the body.  Additionally, participants will create art to reflect their chosen "I AM" statement and/or word.  They will also make an essential oil spray to take.  Each session will be similar yet slightly different, so participants may choose one or sign up for all three.  Some do find it comforting to sign up with a friend; however, time is spent getting to know each other.

Signup Online  

A limited number of spaces are available.  Please sign up ahead of time and check for an email confirmation. Summer workshops usually book quickly.

Led by Melissa Ward

 She holds an educational master's degree and various fitness certifications, as well as First Aid and CPR.  She is a former nationally board certified ABSS educator.

What to Bring

Participants should bring water bottles and a healthy snack. Yoga mats are provided; however, participants are welcome to bring their own.


June 18

July 9

August 13 or 20 TBD

Weaving Frequency

249 A. East Front St.



ZenFit Fun

Singing Bowl

sound journey

Led by Carli Webb, this Sound Journey is specifically designed for a younger group of participants. The vibrations of bowls, drums, gongs & chimes help to balance, energize and support a sense of well-being.

Youth Sound Journey Event TBD


Participants will start with some energetic movements then move into slower ones with breath work to prepare for a bath of sounds for balancing and relaxing. 


Led by Carli Webb

 She is a classically trained musician and certified sound alchemist.  Her passion for healing is ingrained in her every note.  She explores, creates and feels music and frequencies spiritually, physically and emotionally.

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